How can I see if my cat is happy?

When we love someone, we naturally wish for them to be happy – and we ‘ll do anything to make them feel it. That includes also love to our pets. Because they make us happy as well!

First of all, you can be sure of one thing. If you give your cat life conditions they need, you make its wellbeing great. It consists of the right care of your cat like giving him high-quality food or spending time with it. Also, a very important factor is engaging your cat in many activities – physical ones as well as intellectual.

Apart from it, a cat needs some cozy places at your home to be able to relax. Depending on the kind and character, some cats need more space than the others. Many of the cats get easily happy simply because of closeness with a human.

If you give your cat all of that stuff, then you can assume that he’s really well-cared and happy. To make sure it’s true, read the text below. We asked a very competent cat carer how to know if a cat is happy and those are her answers.

1. Chasing

Your lovely kitten suddenly, with no reason starts to race across the garden or room? Congratulations! It means they feel good in their surroundings and they know your home is their home. Cats, similar to children, show their happiness by unstoppable physical activity like chasing.

2. Concentration

Cat, during the playing with the pillow or a ball, seems to be concentrated? It means, he feels secure. A happy cat gladly plays with a human and generally sacrifices to it a huge part of a day. Depending on cat’s race and his natural predispositions, you can engage him also in intellectual playings. There are many different toys to buy, which will force your cat to think.

3. Meowing

A cat may meow because of many reasons. Usually, it has a positive meaning. Although, watch it, because it may also mean that he is scared or suffering. As a responsible owner, you’ll surely be able to say if your cat’s meowing is caused by happiness or has some other, negative reason.

4. Cuddles

A beautiful and pleasurable sign of positive wellbeing of your cat is searching of closeness with its owner, jumping up on the couch or coming into the bed. If they want to cuddle – you are doing your job well! Or maybe they want your attention while you’re doing something on your computer? You type something and they sit on the keyboard? Perfect!

5. They rub against you

Your cat is rubbing against you with their nose? It means it trusts you a lot and feels so well next to you that it decided to mark you with their smell! Congratulations, you’re the chosen one!

6. They are „talkative”

Just like with meowing, “talkativeness” of your cat can be a good or a bad sign. It may indicate your cat discomfort. You are in charge of the right interpretation of your pet’s behavior.

7. They roll on the ground

If your cat lays on the grass and starts rolling on it, showing up their belly, they are likely to feel comfortable in front of you and trust you. They are close to nature, happy and careless with their best owner right next to them. What can be better?

8. They eat a lot

No matter if it’s high-quality cat food or just some delicious snack between meals. If your cat eats it with an appetite, it’s a sign that they feel sooo good and loved.

9. A tail high in the air

Does your little friend hold their tail raised up? If your cat welcomes your this way, maybe wandering around your legs, surely they are pleased with a fact that they see you.

10. They watch birds with an engagement

If your cat loves sitting in their favourite, sunny place and watching carefully the birds outside, you can be more than sure that he feels well. The same thing is about watching the fishes… Some cats are super happy with watching, for example, football matches on the tv, because a ball looks like a running mouse for them. And they don’t support any of the teams so that no score will sadden them.

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