Cat Furniture Guide

Before buying cat furniture there are several things to consider so you can choose the model that is best for your cat or kitten.

Different Features of Cat Furniture

Each cat furniture model on the market today has a combination of different fun and practical features:

Cat-House: The cat house allows your cat some privacy and may include a cat pillow inside.

Cat Hammock: Your cat can be its lazy self in this kitty style cradle.

Scratching Posts: In order to keep your cat’s nails healthy and keep your cat away from scratching your own furniture be sure to have plenty of scratching posts. Most scratching posts can be turned around for double use and most are replaceable. Sisal scratching posts provide an incentive for cats to scratch due to its scent which is irresistible to cats.

Lining: Lining can be either carpet or acryl(artificial fur). Acryl is tougher and long-lasting.

Perches: Perches are usually placed on the upper end of a cat tree or furniture to allow cats to get a view of the outdoors while staying indoors.

Tubes: Cats love to roll and play in these circular playgrounds. Great to curl up and sleep in.

Multiple levels: Cat Furniture can be found with anywhere from 2-5 levels of climbing action. This allows your cat to act out its natural instincts to climb as well as give them an opportunity for some much needed exercise.

Cat Toy: Some models include an attached cat toy to play with. The cat toy is dangled or attached above the cat to encourage play.


Also, consider your cat’s personality and characteristics


Other things to consider:

Heavy Cats: If your cat is larger than the average cat choose a cat furniture model with a solid, heavy base. Also, it doesn’t hurt to get a multi-level cat tree to encourage exercise. A cat toy will also encourage play and movement.

Multiple Cat Households: If you have more than one cat its best to choose a larger model with two or more private cathouses and perches. Cats are territorial creatures and will be happy with their own cathouse.Cat Age: Kittens, ofcourse, are playful so choose a model that can keep them busy and amused for hours. A nice kitty tunnel and plenty of scratching posts will steer that excess energy in the right direction.

Cat Personalities:

For aggressive climbers and scratchers choose a cat tree with plenty of levels and scratching posts.

For cats who love to lounge choose a model that features a cat hammock, tunnel or house.

For kitties who love to hide away, choose cat furniture with private, enclosed perches.

If your cat doesn’t fit into any one of the categories above choose furniture that has all around features: a scratching post is a must, as well as a comfy cat tray or bed.

Be sure you choose sisal scratching posts in your cat furniture. Cats just love sisal and are naturally driven to its odor. Catowners love sisal too since it steers their cats away from scratching home furnishings!