Things To Check Before You Get A Cat

Every one wants to get a cat because of their adorable pretty faces and their shenanigans. You too want one in your home, it’s a great idea. Cats bring an extra splash of life into a household and make your house a more serene place to be. This could be the perfect companion for you, as long as you choose wisely.

Why get a cat?

Contrary to dogs, cats are very independent, discreet and don’t take up much room. Furthermore, they clean themselves and don’t require any particular maintenance effort. Unless you want to make it a beauty contest winner that is.

Where can I find a cat?

This is the first question most future cat owners ask themselves and there are two types of people answering it. In fact, there are those that prefer to own a pedigree breed like a Persian, Maine Coon or even a Bengal cat. These are wonderful creatures however they require a large financial investment as they are only available from breeders. On the other hand, there are those who prefer to adopt an unwanted cat or kitten from a local shelter. This way, you will have a more common cat but it will always appreciate and love you.

Are you ready for cat ownership?

Cats make their owners happy. That being said, many underestimate the commitment and consequences of adopting one. Firstly, they live for a long time and you have to be sure that you can pay for the vet bills in later-life. Secondly, you always have to consider your little ball of fur when planning a holiday. You must be sure that it is safe and fed when you leave it. Thirdly, you must think of your children. Most of the time, cats and children get along perfectly but the stress of having both a cat and new-born child can push owners to get rid of their companion who would therefore end up being homeless. Finally, although some cats are adapted to life in an apartment, they still need access to the outdoors to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.

Pets can really improve the feeling of homeliness in a house. However, you must always think and make sure you are ready for it.

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