6 Tips To Prepare Your House For A Cat

Adopting a cat is a major responsability, so prepare your house for a cat to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible .

Adopting a kitten is like bringing sunshine to your life. Laughs and cuteness will be a part of your daily life ! However, animals and especially cats need a lot of attention and looking after. And if you don’t think of absolutely everything, this experience can quickly turn into a nightmare. Here are a few tips to prepare your house for a cat that should help you welcome your new found ball of fluff making it feel comfortable.

1. De l’eau, des croquettes et un peu d’herbe

cat water fountain
Cat biscuits are great for giving your cat the food it needs daily. But remember to always leave a fresh bowl of water next to it. Although dry food is perfect for food, hydration is very important. In fact, you can find special cat water fountains that can provide your cat with fresh, flowing water all day every day. Also, make sure the dishes you put the food and water in are always clean: cats hate to eat from dirty bowls.

2. A resting spot…

cat sleeping

In 90% of cases, it’s your cat that decides where it will want to sleep. Once it has found its little nest, arrange it for him or her to make it as comfortable as possible. Cats love being fussed over.

If you can’t find anything you like the look of in shops, it’s time for some DIY. You can find many little tutorials online showing you how to make cute and unique beds for your favourite fur ball.

3. Cat tree… 

prepare your house for a cat with a cat tree
If your house is big enough, get your cat a cat climbing tree. As well as being great playing areas, your cats can use them to scratch and do its claws. Therefore, your sofa will be saved from scratch marks! Here’s a tip for you : the more creative of you could try making your own unique tree out of dead branches, planks of wood and some string.

However, if you don’t have the space to have one, improvise ! All you need is a roll of string and the leg of a piece of furniture. Your cat will be very happy to see you have dedicated a space to it.

4. About the bed

cat on bed
It’s very hard to ban something from your cat. Especially when it comes to the bed. Why does it love sleeping there so much ? Because it’s high up and safe from danger, because it’s warm and soft, because it means being close to you at night. To avoid your bed becoming a massive ball of fluff, the best solution is to cover it with a sheet. Then, your cat can happily sleep on it and you won’t have to shake it clean anytime you want a sleep.

5. Seeing the outside world

cat looking through window
If you don’t allow your cat to go outside, give it a nice place by a window to ease its fear of missing out. Cats are very curious creatures, they can spend hours just watching the outside world without getting bored.

6. Walking outside

cat flap
Finally, if your cat does have the option of going outdoors, make its life a bit easier by installing a cat flap. This way, it can go in and out as many times as it likes and you won’t have to get up in the middle of the night to open the door for it.

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